About Donna Scott, M.S., R.D., LDN

Donna Scott

Donna Scott, CEO and President of DMS Nutrition, is a Registered Licensed Dietitian and certified fitness professional who has been successfully motivating clients to achieve weight loss and fitness goals for more than a decade (just ask her loyal clients who collectively boast an incredible 95% success rate in goal achievement!).

As a life-long fitness and nutrition enthusiast, with a passion for experiencing all life has to offer, Donna is dedicated to the principle that everyone can make small meaningful changes to increase their happiness. She “walks her talk,” always modeling and sharing practical approaches that support a healthy, balanced lifestyle – even amongst a very busy and demanding personal schedule.

I am committed to working with my clients every step of the way. I have a history of success in helping people just like you set and maintain personalized health goals. Life can be busy and sometimes we need a little help to focus on our health so I offer one-on-one sessions, both in-person and virtually, to meet your needs and put your health first.

Experience Matters

Donna began her career as a clinical nutritionist and her passion for health and fitness has led her to many exciting career experiences including:

  • Providing nutritional support to the Australian Olympic basketball team
  • Driving nutritional protocols for Critical Care patients (including trauma & burn centers and high-risk cardiovascular patients)
  • Writing care plans for a cutting-edge Cancer Center
  • Bodybuilding contest winner and nutritional consultant to nationally recognized bodybuilding champions
  • Owner of a successful Catering Company
  • Sports fitness and nutritional consulting – Academic sports (Women’s Professional Softball League, Running Groups, etc.)
  • Medical community partnerships
    • Serving as an expert nutritional consultant for live televised Cardiovascular Symposium
    • Providing nutritional supportive care to high-risk patients (Cardiovascular & Metabolic)
    • Televised nutritional public outreach series
  • Life Coach
  • Wine aficionado

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DMS Nutrition Inc. is a fully integrated health, wellness and nutrition services company. Located in Northeastern PA and easily accessible from the Greater New York area, DMS Nutrition provides customized individual and group consultative programs – both in-person and via the internet (facetime).

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